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Equipment: Infrared Spectrometer
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-07-09
Main Features:
Description: "Parameter: 1.1 waves sphere: 4000cm-1~400cm-1(2.5µ~25µ) 1.2 transmittance sphere: 0~100% (extend sphere -400%~400%) 1.3 absorbance sphere: 0-1A (extend sphere -4~4A) 1.4 extend sphere of waves scale: any values in 4000cm-1~400cm-1 1.5 extend sphere of transmittance: any values in -400%~400% 1.6 extend sphere of single beam: any values in -400~400 1.7 scanning time of all spectrums: 2.5m~25m (response is ""normal"") 1.8 slit program: five classes (i.e. very wide, wide, normal, narrow, and very narrow) 1.9 size of host: 800mm*610mm*300mm 1.10 weight: 80kg 1.11 power source: AC 200V+/-10%, 50+/-1Hz 1.12 work power: 200W"
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