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Equipments detail
Equipment: concrete test hammer
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Test Instrument
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2017-11-23
Main Features:
Description: "Specification: test range: 10~60Mpa impact energy: 2.207J spring rigidity: 785N/m impact stroke: 75mm difference from scale: <= 0.5 calibration value: 80+/-2 color LCD with 5 level backlight storage: 300*99*16 test points in plant with uniform curve, at most 20 special curve power source: 3.6V/1300mAH lithium battery battery charger: 5V/2A last work more than 13 hours without voice service USB type connection with PC weight: 1.1kg HT225-V is the first integrated digital test hammer made by China, we are proud that we invented it and have the patent. Compare to other similar products in the market, this new type test hammer with perfect quality and convenient operation. Till now, it is the appointed test hammer by many test organizations and government offices. Integrated structure, voice service, color LCD, rechargeable lithium battery, reflect type sensor, in situ test dave print... every element much convenience user."
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