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Equipment: Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2017-11-23
Main Features:
Description: "Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Technology parameters: Light Source: 150W high quality xenon lamp,supply sufficient light for testingduring wavelength from 200nm to 900nm Wavelength: 200~760nm and zero level light(standard) Dispersing element: concave diffraction raster Sensitivity: > 150:1 (raman peak of water P-P, EX:350nm, slit:10nm, answer:2s) Wavelength accuracy: +/- 2.0 nm Wavelength repeatability: 1.0 nm Scan speed: 30,60,120,240,1200,2400,12000,30000nm/min Spectrum band width: EX 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10, 20 nm Resolution: 1.0 nm Answer time: 0.004~8 s ( 8 level adjust, auto answer) luminosity: -9999~ 9999 Gain: 4 level adjust Minimal sample quantity: 0.5 mL (10 mm standard cuvette) Standard consumption: 390W Size: 670mm×540mm×320mm Weight: about 48 KG"
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