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Equipment: Calibration Equipment
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Post Time: 2017-11-23
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Description: Number of parallel light pipes:Two Length of lens cone of parallel light pipes: 530MM . Effective aperture: 57MM Focal length of parallel light pipes: F=550mm Scale of cross-hairs board: minimum: 30’’, maximum: 10'' Shortest sighting distance: 2M horizontal angle. Amplification factor: *5.7-7 resolution ratio: about 3'''' Field angle: 10°20'' Adjustable range of parallel light pipes: ≥60'', Observation sighting distance: 15- 20cm Maximum working range of up-down working table: ≥250mm(including the aperture) Precision of level: round bubble level at the base: △≤8'''' / Volume :1100mm long, 450mm wide, and 68mm Weight: gross weight: 115KG, net weight: 95KG Power voltage: :4.5~6.0V 2.1W I=10A
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