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Equipment: Calibrator -desktop
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2017-11-23
Main Features:
Description:  Three parallel light pipes, in low angle, collimating horizontal angle and high angle respectively.  The set angle: the horizontal angle: 90°0’, the low angle and high angle: 30°(±30’)  Length of the lens barrel: 400MM.  Effective aperture: 54 MM.  Focus: 420. Scale value of the cross-hairs board: 30’’or [20”].  Max. adjustable range of parallel light pipes in low angle and high angle: the horizontal wire:≧60’, the vertical wire:≧60’.  Angle of field: 10°20’  Resolution: 3’’  Magnification: 5.7~7x  Sighting distance: 20~25cm  A central spiral at the worktable to connect and hold the equipment to be calibrated. The spiral is suitable for screws of both English and metric measurements.  Max. range of adjustment for up-down worktable: 250mm (including apertures)  Dimensions: 920×830×430mm  Weight: 95kg  Sensitivity of the level at the base: △≤8’’/ 2MM  Voltage/power: 4.5~6.0 v/ 2.1w  Power switch: I=10A  Lighting: cold light source (can be fine-tuned), in green or white Attentions:  Please choose the right working voltage for the instrument: 220V± 10%.  Do not twist, press or squeeze the power lines of the switch and parallel light pipes. Never pull or drag the power line of parallel light pipes.  It’s advised that the calibrating instrument, once installed and tested, be placed in a professional working place with good lighting and air condition.  Do not touch parallel light pipes and other accurate parts unless necessary.  Please maintain and clean the plating parts and blackened parts. Clean them carefully with clean soft cotton cloth. Cautions:  The disassembly of accurate parts such as the power and parallel light pipes must be performed only by experts who are familiar with the existing danger.  When out of use, please turn off the switch and pull off the plug.
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